Threadform Hire

In order to make your event extra special the right space is key and sometimes often in fact, canvas is the only way to go. You might be planning a wedding in the garden and need a unique red and white circus tent, your birthday party or village green event might never be complete with out a circular canopy for the bar or bandstand, your family camping trip could become the trip of a lifetime under a spacious, orange geodome. Whenever you need extra shelter, hiring from Threadform is an obvious solution. Whichever shelter is right for you, Threadform Hire will come and erect, maintain and dismantle the structure with the utmost care and consideration for you and the space you are creating. Even indoors a bit of canvas is all you need. Have a look at these UV painted drapes that will turn the village hall into a venue of class and sophistication.

Items for hire

Dahlia Oval & Round

Daisy Canopy

Marigold Canopy

Poppy Canopy

Iris Canopy

Striped 3m Geodome

UV Drapes

Interiors Tables, Lights & Coconut Matting and Wood flooring