Emma Lloyd

Emma Lloyd

Emma Lloyd, the driving force behind Threadform,  has a history of designing and producing textiles, starting as a teenager, designing and making her own clothes and then on to Art College, producing bags, hats, clothing, curtains, covers and woven textiles.

This led to working on larger, more structural projects, gaining extensive practical experience in textile architecture and fabric engineering.

With over 30 years experience of pattern cutting and machine sewing under her belt, Emma created Threadform in 2004. Since then, custom designs have been the only way to go.


For some people, the translation of an idea on paper into something tangible is a daunting step. When that something measures upward of 40 metres in circumference, it becomes mind blowing.  For Emma, this challenge makes it all worth while. The engineering involved at this scale takes textiles to a whole different level. It demands an experienced understanding of the nature of textile drape and form. Emma calls this 'soft architecture' - the translation of natural geometry into simple, inherently beautiful structures.

Understanding the nature of textiles, drape and form.

Our canvases may be simple, or extremely complex, depending on your requirements.  Whatever the design brief, the outcome will ring with quality: of design, of function, of tailoring and, not least, aesthetics.