Welcome to Threadform

Bespoke Canvas Shelters

Est: 04/04/04

Threadform canvases are funky, functional, durable and desirable.

Canvas tents handmade in Pembrokeshire, for 20 years. We can make patio awnings, camping covers, temporary shelters and provide annual servicing and maintenance of your tents. Our canvas structures are quick and easy to set up and will stand up to the worst the Welsh weather can throw at them. See our range of colourful and unique tents and canopies for hire.

Find inspiration by browsing through our bespoke designs and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How It’s Made

Structural engineering is very important to Threadform. We understand the inherent properties of the natural materials we work with, harnessing them to construct designs with engineering precision, making sure the product you receive is at the highest level of quality.

“…..every aspect of the job more than exceeded our expectations”

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From Old To New

If your well-loved tent is beginning to look a bit shabby and is in need of repair, you have come to the right place. If a full overhaul is in order, Threadform will gladly replace your old faithful with something just the same, only new and shiny. We can even upgrade it, creating a new and improved version, just the way you want it. Whatever the size or the brief, Threadform takes care to make your canvas as good as new. Just give us a call to discuss your options.