Work in Process

Work in Process

Some of the construction timelines for manufacturing are shown here, documenting the process of building our tents and awnings. Sections relate to different projects that link to final product. If you need to know more I am happy to assist with any questions about the engineering process.

Traditional Marquee - Dahlia

eng -dahlia


The Dahlia is a traditional red and white marquee with an optional midsection. It can be circular, (10m in diameter), or oval (10m x 18m) giving you even more flexibility.

Druidstone Geodome

The druidstone geodomes are made up of three sections that interlock. there are openings and it is made of canvas.


1934 Vauxhall Wingham Cabriolet, Martin Walter Conversion

Vauxhall Restoration

1934 Vauxhall Wingham Cabriolet, Martin Walter Conversion. Show room model, one of nine with the only existing original soft top (now  a museum piece) in Britain.

The restoration of the Vauxhall roof was carried out in several stages. First, preparation of the framework to restore and bind for adding the new cover. Then a new padded web was made with some of the original horse hair from the old hood and some new materials. The padded web was hand quilted onto the roof. The roof cover was then built onto the frame. Pictures show the upholstery tacks where the hood has been fixed to the frame. Emma also built new velvet covered window rubbers and now a new set of canvas welding overalls!

Sian's Geodome

A beautiful two tone, geodome cover with a functional door that raises to become a porch and round framed windows.